A meeting of the Lower Moreland Business Association was held on March 22, 2017 starting at noon at The Fredericks Company. 

Present were:
Cloie Volz, President 
Cedric McKeever, Secretary
Donald Rowley, Board of Directors 

Also present was Robert DeMartinis, President, Board of Commissioners; Christopher Hoffman, Township Manager; Pam Dull, Assistant Director, Huntingdon Valley Library; Ron Hyman, Insurance Shops; James Gallagher, CPA. 

The January 2017 minutes were approved with the addition of Ron Hyman as attending the meeting. 

There was no treasurer’s report. 

Pam Dull said that the library had a semi successful business breakfast.  Pam described the 2017 Summer Reading Club theme is “Build a Better World.”  The library will hand out raffle tickets to local business (See Attachment).  People will have to shop at the local business to get a raffle ticket and return to the library for drawings. (See Attachment for more information.)  In the fall the library hopes to have a business open house for businesses to display their product. 

Commissioner DeMartinis said the township would like to see the businesses along Huntingdon Pike work out a plan for shared parking and a plan to market the area.  He said the township does not have the capabilities to do that. 

Commissioner DeMartinis discussed the Toll Brother’s application to build 60 single-family detached one acre dwellings at 1400 Byberry Road.  The township does not expect any traffic problems on Byberry Road because of this development nor does the township expect the development to start until next year. 

The Philmont Country Club has been sold to Concert Golf Partners (concertgolfpartners.com).  They expressed plans to develop housing on nine holes of the south course.  Also, the old Toll property next to Jade was sold. 

Again, Commissioner DeMartinis spoke about wanting to promote business development in the township.  He said commercial development is good for the township both in tax revenue and less stress on the school district.  There was a lengthy discussion on the Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance (LERTA) Program.  (Google “LERTA” for more information.)  Upon approval by the school district, the township hopes to have the program in place by the fall. 

The township is now going to issue Use and Occupancy Certificates to new businesses in the Revitalization Zone.  This is to make sure that new businesses are up to code. 

The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 10, 2017 beginning at noon at Huntingdon Valley Library, Friends Learning Lab on the first floor level.