​About Us

The Lower Moreland Business Association was organized and is operated with non-profit purposes and on a non-profit basis for the purpose of promoting and protecting the viability of the local commercial market, cooperation among local business, and business community awareness as to developments that affect local business conditions, as well as provide a meeting structure by which local business people can become acquainted and can express their views on local matters that may concern them.

The Association does not have any stock or shareholders and is governed by its Board of Directors and officers who are elected annually. The only source of revenue is membership dues. The amount of dues is set by the Board of Directors and is presently $35.00. The amount is meant to meet organizational expenses only, and not to generate any surplus.

The Association has several committees that monitor the progress of local concerns, such as the improvement of local thoroughfares and main arteries through the heart of our industrial and commercial areas. Another committee attends Township Meetings to report on proposed ordinances of interest to the business community and to consult with and aid the Township Commissioners in assessing the impact on and benefit to the business community of local conditions and proposed ordinances.

The Association holds meetings January, March, May, September and November in a local business at noon a Wednesday in that month.